Super Brain Kids - Scholarship Program

5 Level Training Program

Super Brain Kids Package

Buy Level-1 Brain Development Online Live Training Program to start and complete all 5 Levels Training step by step. After every training program, students can participate in contests based on their corresponding level, where they can win scholarships between INR 100/- to INR 10,000/- in each program.

Chance to Win! @ International Contest

Scholarship up to 1 Crore

Participate in Training, Contests and get Rewards.

  • Top 1 Winner will get – Scholarship of 1 Crore
  • Top 100 winners will get – Scholarship of 1 Lakh each
  • Top 1000 winners will get – Scholarship of 10000 each
  • Top 10000 winners will get – Scholarship of 1000 each
  • Top 1 Lakh winners will get Advance Grade Courses Free
  • Up to 5 Crore will be awarded to regular users, who will participate in online short contests held on regular basis and users will get rewards and scholarships based on their performance.

Other Benefits

Students will receive guidance from our expert team throughout their academic career. At IBRI we are a group of professionals engaged in developing and promoting various "neuroscience" related skills programs, including international trainers, speakers, scientists, researchers, inventors, writers and motivators. There are experts in all different fields who hold a lot of world records in their fields which are at the international level. All our instructors are internationally recognized public figures. Currently, we have over 30 international trainers working with our IBRI Brain Research Cell.

Students will get a chance to set or break world records under the guidance of our expert team.